Manchester property leaders back Burnham

Manchester property leaders back Burnham

There are quite a few political figures who you could say have had a pretty poor year so far. In times of crisis you’d hope that most would rise to the challenge but that doesn’t seem to have been the case.

One politician who has absolutely been rising in almost everybody’s estimation, not least in the North West, is Andy Burnham. The Mayor of Manchester has been all over the news recently trying his best to get government support for businesses around Manchester and for workers too.

The Manchester economy is the third largest in the UK and in the top 30 in Europe. It is forecast to become one of the busiest and richest areas across the continent in the next 10 years and that’s in no small part due to property development across the city giving lower income areas a new lease of life.

Job creation, new businesses and property development projects have been pushing Manchester’s star higher and higher in the past few decades and it’s considered a shining beacon of regeneration by many especially when considering the Salford Quays area of the city region.

Mostly, Manchester could be said to have driven this with the power of its own steam. Local developers, businesses and the wider community have used their initiative and hard work to become one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Property backs the mayor

As reported by Property Week, Andy Burnham has recently launched his #OneGM campaign where he hopes to raise more funds for businesses and workers across the Greater Manchester area, which would top up the £60 million provided by the government, which the mayor contends won’t cover the costs of the pandemic.

Burnham told Property Week: “The property industry is critical, because it underpins the whole economy. People need to understand the impact of the pandemic on cities and their property sectors. They will be the engines of recovery when the time comes and if they are badly damaged in the process, that recovery is going to take much longer.”

He added that the city’s property businesses were “absolutely knitted into the fabric” of Greater Manchester and that he was grateful to the private sector for stepping up to the plate.

Famous Manchester face Gary Neville was one of the causes headline supporters, saying that although his two hotels had been hit badly by the pandemic, it was more important than ever for people to come together to support the city.

Given that the Manchester property market is still in good health and growing, it’s a great time for the leading figures from the industry to come together to show solidarity with other businesses in the city.

As Burnham himself said, not only has property development and investment been one of the main drivers of change so far, but it will also be the engine of recovery when the pandemic is over. 2020 hasn’t been one for the books, but with the spirit, ingenuity and innovation of the city’s developers, investors and businesspeople, next year should be one to remember.

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