Off Plan Property Investment: Why Should You Invest?

Off Plan Property Investment: Why Should You Invest?

As the market continues to change, a rising number of investment opportunities available are off-plan. With this in mind, we thought we would break down some of the most frequent queries and questions when it comes to investing in off-plan property investment.

First of all, what is an off-plan property, and what’s the difference between that and other forms of property investment?

As the Home Owners Alliance confirms, buying off plan means that you’re purchasing a property before it’s completed, either before or during the construction phase, rather than buying a completed or established property.

It has many ups, and some drawbacks, which we’ll cover over the duration of this article.

Is it risky to buy off-plan?

That depends on who you’re buying from, as with many investment products. Ultimately, if you’re purchasing from a small or inexperienced developer then, yes, there is an element of risk in that the project may not be completed.

Having said that, if you’re careful with who you deal with, off-plan property investment in the UK is an increasingly popular form of getting into the property market.

Investing with an established and experienced company with an impressive track record can massively help to reduce the risk, and knowing you can trust a company with your money will only help to ease any fears.

It’s always good sense to research any company you deal with, especially with off-plan property.

What are the benefits of off-plan property investment?

There are lots of benefits, and we know that what attracts a lot of our clients are that they know, certainly for buy-to-let properties, that they’re getting premium properties in prime locations across the UK’s best cities and towns.

As a buy-to-let landlord, you know you’ll be able to command excellent rental prices for your investment, shoring up a secondary income whilst the asset appreciates in value.

Further to this, most developers sell off-plan properties during the construction phase to ensure investment and as a more secure way to develop land, but this means that, often, investors are able to secure properties below the market rate. This in turn can result in an occasionally significant jump in the value of the asset at completion before being able to rent it out at a higher rate.

As with any investment, there are risks, however, off-plan property investment in the UK is soaring in popularity for a very good reason, it’s offering great returns and secondary incomes for UK investors.

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