Piling has begun at The Interchange – what is it?

Piling has begun at The Interchange – what is it?

Piling work has begun at The Interchange, our first development in Greater Manchester, and construction is now officially underway – but what does this process involve? If you’re investing for the first time and are unfamiliar with the process of construction, here is our handy guide to this essential part of building.

Piling is a key part of laying foundations which serves to spread and carry to load of a building in soil or ground which is considered too weak in structure on its own. By driving or boring through the ground, and implanting the structural piles, you transfer the weight onto the more solid ground which is found at greater depths.

The piling foundations have to be designed carefully for each separate project and deal with a whole range of conditions including axial, shear and bending stresses that can develop horizontally. The piles can be made from wood, steel or concrete (or a combination of these) and they allow for a sturdier base which greatly improves the life of a building. Before you can build up, you have to dig down.

This work has recently started at The Interchange as the first phase of construction. If you are looking to invest in Greater Manchester, click here for more information about the development.

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