The future of MediaCity and Manchester

The future of MediaCity and Manchester

It’s become something of a motif, or a symbol, when looking at the rise of Manchester as a serious force in the UK and European economy.

Going back what feels like a lifetime now, the Quays in Salford was what might be charitably described as unloved and a little run down. Once a bustling area of economic activity, the Quays were at the end of the Manchester ship canal before the dockyards were closed in 1982.

Since then, and from the mid 2000’s, the area has become one of the shining beacons of success for regeneration projects, and from 2007, MediaCityUK has been the driving force behind it.

When the BBC moved to the Quays in 2011, they moved half of their operations to outside of the capital, making Salford their new home.

Since that time, MediaCityUK has also become the home of ITV Grenada, the University of Salford and Dock10.

As Manchester takes its place as one of the fastest growing cities in Europe, MediaCityUK is central to that growth, so we look at what the future might look like.

The future

As Salford Quays and MediaCityUK look into the future, they’re very much on the radar of investors and landlords as they look to expand their portfolios as the local and national markets boom.

In the residential space, MediaCityUK and the surrounding areas are already seeing huge expansion of living spaces that are being built, with a huge focus on off-plan apartments and luxury living.

Restaurants and retail spaces are also expanding too, and this is timed well as city living has become extremely popular once again with younger renters and workers around the North West area of England.

Not only that, but the BBC are also planning to expand further into Salford Quays and MediaCityUK, with Place North West confirming that “The strategy is set out in a blueprint for the future entitled The BBC across the UK. Under the plans, the whole of the Radio 3 and 6 Music departments will be based at the Salford Quays headquarters, and Salford will also be the main base for the BBC’s digital and technology teams.”

There are also reports that ITV and other media companies are planning to expand there too, and this has caught the eye of property investors who, if they hadn’t already, have now had their mind made up that Manchester, Salford and MediaCityUK are some of the hottest areas in Europe now.

If it’s something you’ve been thinking about, however, then one piece of advice would be to act quickly as competition is starting to become fierce.

As we emerge into a post-pandemic world the economy and housing markets are booming, with prices and rents quickly increasing all across the UK, especially in the North West. With many now returning to offices and a sense of normality, city living has become the focus for many once again.

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