What are the advantages of steel frame construction?

What are the advantages of steel frame construction?

Even today the image many people have of construction is dominated by bricks, mortar and concrete – but is this the case in reality? One popular alternative to a concrete frame is a steel alternative, and here at Qualis Developments we are utilising this material on The Interchange, our first development in Greater Manchester.

Why have we chosen a steel frame construction at The Interchange? Here are a few reasons:


A steel frame can be erected at speed and with relative ease compared to a concrete slab construction. Each steel beam is pre-engineered and cast to fit specific requirements, eliminating the need for any production on site which limits human error. These beams are then assembled rapidly, and it is not unusual to see a floor being built per week.

As well as speeding up the process for contractors on site, steel frame construction also minimises disruption for passing traffic and local businesses by reducing the construction timetable.


Steel is incredibly durable and requires minimal maintenance over the lifetime of a building. This saves investors and homeowners money in the long term and means that each apartment at The Interchange is built to last.

It is also a flexible material, able to bend without cracking or breaking, and can withstand a great amount of weight and force. This makes a building more useful and durable in the long term, further increasing the utility of the homes.


Steel is also environmentally impressive when compared to concrete. For a start, it can be recycled at the end of its life which is a major advantage. In fact, steel is one of the most recycled products in the world, with tens of millions of tonnes being recycled annually.

Furthermore, nothing is wasted during the process of recycling steel. This makes it unusual among all materials, not just those used in construction, and is a major advantage. It is estimated that at least 30% of new steel products made today is actually recycled material. We would expect this figure to rise over time as recycling techniques and technologies become more refined.

For those three reasons – and more! – we are big fans of steel frame construction. Construction at The Interchange is already underway and the frame will be going up soon. There is still a limited number of apartments available so make sure to enquire today if you are looking for your next Manchester buy to let investment.

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